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well-known non-violent peace activist, cannabis entrepreneur, author, musician, witch, father and lover

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Get a Life

Chronicles of a Conscious Scofflaw

GET A LIFE shares my journey of engaging in subversive actions and taking chances to build a life of freedom and meaning. I trace my evolution from drug-dealing Grateful Deadhead with self-esteem issues to becoming a nonviolent activist confronting injustice and police over decades in many different facets of the peace movement.

In my early activist life, I became a self-proclaimed witch, embracing the Reclaiming Tradition. And eventually moved to a very different form of action, becoming co-founder of Harborside Health Center in 2006, one of the largest and most respected cannabis retailers in the world.


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Some people nibble timidly at life: dress takes it in big gulps, savoring all its flavors and enjoying it thoroughly. This book is a record of his life, and of an era—or rather, many eras and many movements for social change. I’ve been lucky enough to accompany dress on some of his adventures, and he exemplifies the kind of activist for social justice I believe the world needs—always welcoming, never grim, finding joy and humor wherever they might lurk even while understanding the seriousness of the issues, wild, playful, absurd, unashamed, and always himself. For anyone who wants to change the world, this book records what a committed life can be!

Ah—does it ever bring back the memories!


about dress

dress (pronouns he/ze) was born and raised in xučyun (Huichin), the Sacred Unceded Lands of the Chochenyo-speaking Lisjan Ohlone Peoples (colonized as most of Alameda County, CA), in the part now known as San Leandro.

Most well-known as a non-violent peace activist with a flair for the dramatic, dress became involved with direct action politics in 1982 after becoming frustrated with the paranoia of selling cannabis in the underground market. He was arrested five times a year from 1983-87, the most flamboyant being his arrest in a wedding dress at the June 1983 International Day of Disarmament Action at Lawrence Livermore Labs. In January 1984, ze began wearing dresses all the time as a personal action against patriarchy. At the same time, he became a witch in the Reclaiming Tradition.